Monday, 7 May 2012

Microsoft Flight free-to-play (PC)

I'm no expert at flight sims (I usually can't even work out how to switch on the engines), so Microsoft Flight has been a welcome breath of fresh air for novices like me who fancy getting into this traditionally technical genre. Microsoft Flight is 'free-to-play' - that is, you download and play the base version for zero cost. If, like me, you discover you quite enjoy what you have and that you might want to take it further, you can purchase downloadable content (DLC) in the form of more planes and even the entire Hawaiian Island chain to fly between and explore at will.

I've posted a brief video up on the POE YT channel, showing a basic mission's 'take off, flight and landing' scenario. Hopefully, this shows off the title's beautiful visuals and easy flight model (although a far more technical and realistic handling model is available in-game - hey, but this is 'Playing On Easy', right?). I was using a 360 controller (natively supported), but again if you're serious about this stuff and want to spend serious money the sim supports well-known third-party high-end flight sticks for that 'authentic' feel.

I'm also flying one of the game's DLC planes and I've purchased the 'Hawaiian Adventure Pack' which opens up the entire Hawaiian Island chain for exploration and in-game mission fun. Anyone even mildly interested in flight sims but previously put-off by the steep learning curve usually associated with the genre should check out MS Flight - after all, it won't cost you a penny.

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